Tobacconist’s Review: Joya de Nicaragua Red Toro

JdN Red Toro

Brand/Line: Joya de Nicaragua Red

Purchase date: 5 January, 2015

Smoke date: 5 January, 2015

Vitola: Toro

Size: 6” x 52

Purchase price: $7.05

Packaging: Cellophane wrapped single

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler blend: Nicaraguan (Jalapa, Condega, and Esteli)

Manufacturer: Joya de Nicaragua

Blender: Juan Ignacio Martínez

Distributor: Drew Estate

Appearance: The Joya de Nicaragua Red uses bold colors and big bands to really announce this cigar. The Nicaraguan habano wrapper gleams with oil and shows a slight amount of tooth. Overall, the Joya Red is a very appealing looking cigar.

Construction: The Joya Red feels solid in the hand and well rolled. There were no hard or soft spots and the wrapper was applied nearly seamlessly. Overall, the Joya Red is a great looking cigar.

Cut and light: I cut the Joya Red using my Xikar Xi2 grip cutter and was able to produce a perfect cut. The cold draw is flawless, with just a slight resistance. After toasting the foot, the Joya Red toro light easily using a single-jet torch style lighter.

The Smoke: Unlike most Joya de Nicaragua cigars, the Joya Red hit and stayed in the medium body range from the start. The smoke is creamy and slightly sweet with spicy notes through the nose.   The spiciness increases a bit as the cigar is smoked, but never becomes overwhelming while the blend remains medium bodied throughout. As the cigar progresses, the aroma remains spicy, but other tones such as a slight floral aroma and a woody/nutty flavor develop keeping the blend from becoming singular or predictable.

Smoke time: 55 minutes

Why I like this cigar: I’ve been a longtime fan of Joya de Nicaragua cigars. For pure, unadulterated strength with amazing flavor and finish, it’s hard to be a Joya de Nicaragua 1970 Antano…

But, the Joya de Nicaragua Red is not about full on, in your face strength. Rather, the Joya Red delivers a flavorful and very aromatic blend without kicking your teeth in… Joya Red is all about balance.

The initial bit of the cigar does produce some rather bold spiciness through the nose, but this tempers as the smoke progresses. It’s the aroma that cinches the deal for me.

The Joya Red does a magnificent job of bringing great taste, plus wonderful aromas together while maintaining a medium body and it does so with a great price.

At seven bucks and a nickel, the Joya de Nicaragua Red provides at least an hour of fine smoking pleasure that can easily be enjoyed by fans of milder blends as well as full-bodied aficionados.

M. Klausmeier
Tobacconist – SmokesOnMain


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