Tobacconist’s Review: Oliva Serie V Lancero

The Oliva Serie V Lancero

The Oliva Serie V Lancero

Brand/Line: Oliva Serie V

Purchase date: December 20, 2014

Smoke date: December 20, 2014

Vitola: Lancero

Size: 7” x 38

Purchase price: $6.65

Packaging: Cellophane wrapped single

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaraguan sun-grown habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler blend: Nicaraguan ligero (Jalapa Valley) and other Nicaraguan tobaccos

Manufacturer: Tabacalera Oliva de Esteli

Distributor: Oliva Cigar Company

Appearance: The Oliva Serie V lancero is wrapped in a rich, nearly rosado sun-grown wrapper. The wrapper has an oily sheen to it and has just a bit of tooth. The Serie V lancero is finished with a traditional cap rather than the “rabito” head commonly found on lanceros. The banding is minimalist with browns, reds and gold. In all, the Serie V is a great looking stick.

Construction: Lanceros are notoriously difficult to roll. The small ring gauge means that every single leaf must be positioned perfectly to provide ample draw, and the Oliva Serie V lancero is the picture of perfection. Solid yet not overly stiff, the cigar feels great in the hand and somehow, elegant.

Cut and light: Cutting the Serie V lancero is simple and the well-mounted head ensures that the cigar will maintain its integrity while smoked. The smaller ring gauge requires very little to get going and lit with a few passes of a single jet, torch lighter.

The Smoke: The Serie V produces some of the most complex and refined tastes and aromas of any cigar available in the world. The rich, oily habano wrapper contributes a spicy and leathery note to aroma while the filler blend brings flavors of coffee, nuts, and a bit of earth.

The blend produces a very smooth smoke despite its outright strength. Being a lancero, this cigar can overheat easily so taking one’s time is a must in order to fully appreciate all of the cigars qualities.

Smoke time: 45 minutes

Why I like this cigar: The Oliva Serie V is not, let me just say that again, NOT a cigar for a beginner. Not to put anyone off, but if you don’t have a moderately high tolerance for nicotine, you won’t be able to appreciate this cigar fully.

That being said, the Serie V is a very full-bodied, very flavorful cigar with an amazing aroma. All those 90+ ratings from Cigar Aficionado can’t be wrong… (Right?)

Nicaragua produces some of the richest black tobaccos in the world right now and the Serie V is one of the best examples of what can be done with high quality tobacco in the hands of a true master blender.

The habano wrapper delivers an amazing array of aromas and when combined with the rich fillers, produces a great mouth feel with a long lasting finish.

I like the lancero vitola particularly because in this small ring gauge, the aroma from the wrapper really shines through. (Those of you who’ve had a chance to talk with me know I favor smaller ring gauges just for this reason!)

Oh the whole, at under $7.00, the Oliva Serie V lancero is one of the best premium cigar bargains out there. Better yet? The come 36 to a box making a box purchase one amazing deal! I can’t think of another, multi-90+ rated cigar that can be bought in boxes of 36 for less than 7 bucks a stick.

Bargain hunters, full-bodied enthusiasts, this cigar is for you!

M. Klausmeier
Tobacconist – SmokesOnMain

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