Tobacconist’s Review – Diesel Grind Double Toro

Diesel Grind Double Toro

Brand/Line: Diesel Grind

Purchase date:  3 March, 2015

Smoke date: 3 March, 2015

Vitola: Double toro

Size: 6” x 60

Purchase price: $5.65

Packaging: Cellophane wrapped single

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sungrown Habano oscuro

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler blend: Proprietary Nicaraguan blend (secret)

Manufacturer: A.J. Fernandez

Blender: A.J. Fernandez

Distributor: Meier and Dutch

Appearance: The wrapper is an evenly colored, medium brown with a slight oil and a fair amount of tooth. The wrapper is applied seamlessly and has minimal veining. The bold blue foot band provides a nice contrast to the rich brown of the wrapper and adds distinction in a world of red, gold, and black cigar bands.

Construction: The cigar is rolled beautifully with no soft or hard spots. The cap is perfectly mounted. The foot reveals several bunches of well packed tobaccos.

Cut and light: The cap cut easily using my Xikar Xi grip cutter. The cold draw was ample and produced a sweet tobacco aroma. Lighting the Grind was easily accomplished with a single jet torch style lighter.

The Smoke: The initial puffs are quite spicy, with quite a predominate pepper note on the retrohale. The pepper notes subside after about ½ inch, however remain in the background throughout the smoke.

About an inch into the cigar, the strength mellows a bit settling in to a solid medium body. The flavors are woody and pleasant while the aroma has touches of tea and becomes slightly sweet.

From beginning to end, the Diesel Grind Double Toro maintained a perfect burn. The cigar produced a heavy, white ash that held on to the cigar with tenacity. You can even see the tooth on the ash, always a good sign!

Smoke time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Why I like this cigar: Personally, I don’t smoke a lot of extra-large, 60 ring cigars but the Diesel Grind Double Toro is one that would easily fit my usual rotation.

Unlike many gordos, the Diesel Grind Double Toro does not “draw like a straw,” providing just the right amount of resistance on the draw to allow for easy smoking without the cigar running hot.

The taste/aroma profile of the Diesel Grind is what I would term a “traditional” blend. Notes of wood, earth and a slightly bitter chocolate all meander in and out throughout the cigar providing enough interest make the cigar exciting without ever loosing balance.

While billed as “full bodied,” I would categorize the Diesel Grind as a Medium-Full body, leaning more toward the medium side.

Fans of cigars like Punch, Excalibur, and Rocky Patel’s “The Edge” will find the Diesel Grind’s profile to be similar, yet unique enough to be different.

But, my favorite feature of the Diesel Grind Double Toro has to be its price point. There aren’t many 6” x 60 cigars available under $8, let alone under $6, but that’s just where the Grind fits in, $5.65 a stick.

For a 6”x60 cigar hailing from the hands of A.J. Fernandez that’s all but unheard of.

Overall, the Grind is one of the better “new” cigars I’ve tried this year, a fact strengthened by its great price.

Grab a few and sit back… Enjoy!

M. Klausmeier
Tobacconist – SmokesOnMain

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