Pipe Tobacco Blind Review – El Dorado @SmokesOnMain

This is the first pipe tobacco review written by our pipe smoking friend and founder of the Main Street Pipers Pipe Group, Jose Ruiz.

We gave Jose three unmarked bags of our SmokesOnMain premium pipe tobaccos to sample without a bit of info on the blends. This blend, #3 to Jose, is our El Dorado pipe blend – also known as Lane Limited BCA.

Let’s see what Jose thought……

Hello everyone, hope all is well today.

SmokesOnMain asked me to do a blind tasting review for you all on one of the pipe tobaccos’ they have to offer.

I’m up for the challenge.

Todays review is the bag marked #3 that I received from SmokesOnMain’s owners Ron Jung and Pete West. The blend was selected by their tobacconist, Martin Klausmeier.

Pipe used: Dr. Grabow Omega rusticated bent briar

Bag size: 1 ounce zip-lock

Tin Note: Raisin, black cherry, date/fig notes.  Sweet notes definitely an aromatic in a good natural way, not chemical smell.

Blend: Dark-fired Cavendish

Type: Loose cut with some bigger cut ribbons

Strength: Mild

Taste: Nicely done sweetness of a black cherry, fig/date like nature. Not many good aromatic tin notes actually match the taste, this is one of the few to me that do. I would have liked a bit more richness and complexity, but it still makes you like it for being a mild taste. I’m liking this one so far.

Aroma: Very nicely done as far as the aroma is concerned. Everyone in the room just loved the smell and said you can smoke that one anytime you want to. Very much the black cherry/fig/date notes but not in a way that is fake or chemically. The aroma, even indoors is great, doesn’t irritate at all. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

Thoughts: A very nice black fired Cavendish tobacco with a smell that is amazing. Can be a bit moist and needed some dry time before you pack your pipe, as most aromatics do. I used the 3-tier method, but a little looser then normal. It lit very well after the true light was done. Needed a few relights from being a little moist. Had a constant sweetness of the black cherry/fig/date taste. It stayed cool, mild flavor thru out the smoke. Didn’t notice any tongue bite or harshness at all. Best if you smoke it slow. Room note was very pleasing to everyone. Over all a very nice all day smoke which wont burn you tongue, while everyone around you will like what your smoking. I recommend it for a good all day smoke.

Rated: 3 out of 5

The Wife’s Review:

We have no idea what this blend is but I rather like it. It is rich and deep with hints of chocolate, fig and other food type smells intertwined with the natural smoke. I think my inner chef dances with this tobacco. It’s not silly like the Swedish Chef of Muppets fame, nor is it Emeril Lagasse “bam!” but rather respectable and sophisticated like Rick Bayless of PBS’s Mexico: One Plate at a time or more accurately, if the chef of PBS’s Primal grill smoked a pipe, I could see him (Steven Raichlen) kicking back with this one after a meal he had cooked on his grill. When in the room with this pipe the words that come to mind is, “Bon Appetite!”

To find out more about this premium pipe tobacco blend and the others available from SmokesOnMain visit SmokesOnMain.com here…


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