Pipe Tobacco Blind Review – English Luxury @SmokesOnMain

This is the third of the three pipe tobacco reviews we asked our pipe smoking friend and founder of the Main Street Pipers Pipe Group, Jose Ruiz to write.

We gave Jose three unmarked bags of our SmokesOnMain premium pipe tobaccos to sample without a bit of info on the blends. This blend, #2 to Jose, is our English Luxury blend manufactured by Peter Stokkebye.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Jose……

Well it’s a cool gloomy day this Sunday evening, but it’s a great time to do another blind review for everyone. Hope your Sunday was a good one. This evening’s review is Bag # 2 from SmokesOnMain located in West Bend, WI.

Pipe: MM Country Gentleman corncob

Tobacco/ Aroma: Nice medium English aroma with Smokey Latakia, Sweet Virginia, Nutty Burley, Roasted Black Cavendish

Cut: loose ribbon cut with some smaller pieces.

Pack Method: Twist method

Taste: Natural sweet Virginia, smokiness from the Latakia, mellowness from the Black Cavendish. Good complexity and depth.

Strength: Medium-medium mild.

Room Aroma: Has some natural sweetness from the Virginia, not overly pungent/Smokey from the Latakia. Pleasant brown butter nuances from the Burley.

Notes: First thought was the bag aroma of a nice aged rum/caramel. With pleasing woody notes I’m sure are from the Latakia, which I enjoy a lot. Packs well, lit nicely which produced volumes of billowing white clouds of goodness. Smoke is cool, no tongue bite. Flavor is complex and rich. Great as an all day smoke or new to English blends. I recommend this one for all to try.

Rate: 3.75 out of 5

Keep on puffin!!!
The Piper

The Wife’s Review:

At a first “whiff” I got nervous about this tobacco. It initially hit my sinuses and gave me that itchy, sneezey feeling some tobaccos can present. I could almost instantly feel a headache beginning so I was fully prepared to hate it. Thankfully, it mellowed quickly. This blend did however have a tavern smoky odor unfortunately. Since I am a smoker, I didn’t mind that smell though. That stated, I refuse to smoke in my house because I don’t generally like that stale smoke smell that lingers in an enclosed place for long periods of time. So if this tobacco has to evoke a memory for me, pour me a good standard American, Budweiser or Miller Genuine Draft and transport me to the bar of my 20’s late on a Saturday night. Just please don’t give me the hangover in the morning.

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