Pipe Tobacco Blind Review – Montego Bay @SmokesOnMain

This is the second of three initial pipe tobacco reviews written by our pipe smoking friend and founder of the Main Street Pipers Pipe Group, Jose Ruiz.

We gave Jose three unmarked bags of our SmokesOnMain premium pipe tobaccos to sample without a bit of info on the blends. This blend, #1 to Jose, is our Montego Bay pipe blend manufactured by Altadis, USA.

And now, a look into the mind of Jose……

Ok, weather is getting better as the week goes by, so I’m here for your viewing enjoyment. Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink. Tonight’s blind review from SmokesOnMain is on Bag # 1

Pipe: Torino Apple briar

Pack method: Plug

Tobacco: Yellow/gold Virginia, light Burley, topped with what I believe to be rum, or bourbon /whiskey

Bag Aroma: Nice sweetness for an aromatic from the Virginia and burley with nuances of a buttered rum /light nutty coconut aroma.

Taste: Not cloyingly sweet, has body, richness, and complexity. Noticed a brown butter taste in the background. The rum/bourbon is not very strong but has some hints of it.

Strength: Medium

Room Aroma: Pleasant with warm buttery rum . In the background I noticed a delightful nutty caramel coconut aroma.

Notes: The tobacco aroma not overly sweet but is pleasing to your senses. Ready to pack, stayed lit with a cool complex rich smoke. Towards the last 3rd of the bowl it started to produce some tongue bite, so make sure you smoke it slow to reduce it. Room aroma is pleasant with a buttery rum coconut hints. I recommend this for a good aromatic with some nice body and richness that also produces a pleasant aroma.

Rate: 4out of 5

Keep on puffin !!!!
The Piper

The Wife’s Review:

My husband and his friend lit this tobacco a minute ago. Sitting here I got a whiff of a rich caramel sweet crème brulee. It wasn’t a sickeningly sweet smell. Rather it was rich and unctuous with vanilla notes that surprised the senses. I bet it would be fun to sit here on a summer day with an icy glass of homemade lemonade and some simple butter shortbread cookies and chat the afternoon away. I would rate this blend as “summer smoking”. I will definitely enjoy this on a lazy August afternoon, chilling with good friends, avoiding the heat with a cold drink. Or better yet, on a blanket, with a picnic basket overflowing with goodies, lounging out by the lake, under a tree. I guess I’ll have to hide the rest of this bag in the picnic basket without telling the husband, that way we can enjoy it on a hot, lazy August afternoon.

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