Tobacconist’s Review – Carolina Cigar Company Carolina – Carolina Corona #1 Cappuccino

The Carolina corona #1 cappuccino The Carolina corona #1 cappuccino packaging

Brand/Line: Carolina Cigar Company Carolina Corona #1 Cappuccino

Purchase date: 4/28/2015

Smoke date: 5/21/2015

Vitola: Long Corona

Size: 6” x 42

Purchase price: $3.49

Packaging: Cellophane wrapped singles in zip-lock package

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder:  Sumatra

Filler blend: Dominican Republic

Distributor: Carolina Cigar Company

Appearance: The cigar comes wrapped in cellophane and enclosed in a hermetically sealed zip-lock bag that maintains the cigar’s freshness. The cigar itself is wrapped in a dark, colorado maduro Cameroon wrapper that has a good degree of tooth and a nice glossy sheen of oil. The banding is traditional and gives the cigar a nice, classic look.

Construction: The cigar is well built if maybe just a bit soft. The draw was very easy without seeming “loose.” Overall the cigar felt spot on.

Cut and light: The head of the cigar cut easily with my Xikar Xi1 cutter and lit with ease using a single jet torch style lighter.

The Smoke: The Carolina Cigar Company Carolina Corona #1 Cappuccino begins with a mild body and a slightly sweet note to the finish over what is otherwise a very traditional tobacco flavor core. I did not get an overpowering sense of coffee or cappuccino, but the aroma was definitely there in the background. The Cameroon wrapper contributed a bit of mild spice to the aroma, which compliments the overall blend nicely.

By mid-cigar, the flavor and aroma intensified, however at no point did any one flavor become predominant nor did the body go much farther than mild-medium.

Smoke time: 40 minutes

Why I like this cigar: Those of you that know me know that I’m not a huge “flavored” cigar aficionado so you might want to sit down for this…

I love this cigar!

As flavored cigars go, this is in my opinion, one of the best-blended, well-balanced options around. The subtle sweetness contributed by the cappuccino compliments the blend of this cigar very nicely.

Truth be told, for the majority of the cigar I barely noticed the flavoring and enjoyed the cigar for just what it is… A very well done, mild to medium bodied premium cigar.

So, if you’re a flavored cigar fan, golfer looking for a good stick for the links, or just wanting to try something different, definitely give the Carolina Cigar Company Carolina Corona #1 Cappuccino a try!

P.s. We also offer this blend in Amaretto, Sambuca, and Carolina Fire flavor!

Check out all the blends online here….

M. Klausmeier, CRT
Tobacconist – SmokesOnMain

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